Terms & conditions for correspondent Banks - June 2000


Payment Orders

  • No charge to remitting Bank

Return or Cancellation

  • USD 50 tax included


  • 0.05% Min. USD50 Max. USD250

Documentary Collections

  • 0.10% Min. USD 50

- Delivery of documents free of payment USD70.
- Return of documents to remitting bank USD75.
- Protest of documents USD75 plus Public Notary`s expenses and taxes.

Documentary Credits

Pre Advice

  • No charge

Notification or advice without our confirmation

  • USD 50

Confirmation (every 90 days or fraction thereof)

  • 0.25% Min. USD 75


  • USD 50 each one

Increase (Term)

  • 0.25% Min. USD 75

Negotiation (up to Two Shipments)

  • 0.25% Min. USD 75 USD 100 for every extra shipment

Acceptance/Deferred Payment (every 90 days or fraction thereof)

  • 0.375% Min. USD 75


  • USD 15

Comisión de Cancelación

  • 0.125% Min. USD 75, Max USD 250
Credit Reports

Commercial Reports

  • USD 60
Banking Guarantees


  • USD 150


  • USD 75

Interest Rate

  • 1.5% P.A.

Expenses related to telex, swift, telephone, or any other type of electronic message, will be on the account of the requesting party; maximum charge USD40.

General Conditions

All Documentary Collections are subject to the "Uniform Customs For Collections", established by the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris, publication Nº522 of 1995.

Documentary Credits are subject to the "Custom and Practice for Documentary Credits" issued by the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris,1993 revision, publication Nº500.

These terms and conditions are subject to amendment and/or revocation without prior notice.

Any other item not listed herein will be subject to conditions agreed between the parties.

For special conditions, contact us.